If you have a Leica item that is in need of service or repair, alternatively review and adjustment, you can submit it to us at the Leica Center. We may also arrange for your or your items to be picked up by you from UPS if the service falls under warranty or in the case of a digital camera or electronic item. In such cases, the work is handled by Leica in Germany.

For other service work, whether it is for example analogue articles (non-electronic or digital) or generally older articles, the work can in many cases be performed by our service technician in Sweden. In such cases, the articles must be submitted to our store at Karlavägen 61 in Stockholm or sent to us (address below in the footer).

Please note that everything, regardless of which article or service it is about, must begin with you contacting us at Leica Center by phone, e-mail or in person in our store.

If you are sending your item or items via UPS, we will order collection from you after you have contacted us. Fill in this form (click here) and attach it with the shipment. You will receive an e-mail confirming that the pick-up has been ordered and an e-mail confirming that the shipment has been picked up. Finally, you will receive a message from Leica, a service report, which contains a cost proposal in case something that is not covered by the warranty is to be done.

If service performed by Leica in Germany is not covered by the guarantee, the basic cost for examination and shipping is SEK 995.

For service to be performed in Sweden on non-digital or electronic items, we always submit cost proposals. As an example, it can be mentioned that a weekend review of an analog Leica camera costs between 3,000 and 4,000 kronor plus any cost for spare parts.

Sensor cleaning
We clean the sensor in digital cameras in Sweden. The cost for this is SEK 950.

Always get in touch first
Remember to always contact us by phone, e-mail or a personal visit to the store first!

All prices on this page include VAT.

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